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If you've been looking for cigarettes online at a reasonable price, look no further.
Our website is designed for smokers who prefer to smoke fresh cigarettes and tobacco but are looking for places where they can buy cigarettes at cheaper prices! offers Domestic, Foreign, & Discount Cigarettes, Premium and Generic cigarettes to US customers.

We would like to ask US customers to pay attention to the following details. You may order European made cigarettes regardless of your location at any time. But you can order them from this website only if you order them being abroad, in other words, from another country, while temporarily being out of the USA on vacations or trip.
Then, the order with European cigarettes made on this site would be shipped and delivered as a luggage of the US citizen arrived from abroad.

For many seasoned travelers, shipping clothes and toiletries is nothing new. Now, you can have your favorite brands like Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Newport delivered right to your door in the same safe way.
We strive to make your shopping experience convenient and secure. Enjoy your shopping!

European Made Cigarettes

Marlboro Cigarettes
$ 27.60
Camel Cigarettes
$ 24.80
Parliament Cigarettes
$ 39.10
$ 21.99
$ 20.80
$ 22.30
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The Social Impact of Smoking Cigarettes

Even if many countries have imposed laws against smoking, the general perception of this habit is rather mixed. In fact, if you do a thorough research on the topic, you'll notice that people have various opinions about smoking, depending on location, social condition, religion, cultural background, gender, etc.

All in all, a fully accurate map of the social impact of smoking cigarettes can't be drawn; but we can approximate the social values smoking influences on a regular basis. Knowing these values is essential if you care about your image in the world and if you travel a lot and come to meet many people with various cultural principles.

  1. In general, smoking is perceived as being intrusive. This happens because smokers can't really enjoy a cigarette without affecting the others (smoke travels...). So, the first rule you need to understand is that it is only natural to separate from the others when you want to smoke. It's called minimal decency.
  2. Even if this seems strange at a first glance, Western societies and the Far East have developed a certain adversity against this topic. There are many bars where you can't have a cigarette unless you're willing to smoke it outside. This implies that there are many people out there who will categorize you if you're a smoker. However, you shouldn't really care about that: if they don't understand the concept of personal freedom, you shouldn't care about them either.
  3. As long as it doesn't affect your habits, your wellbeing, and your daily schedule, smoking shouldn't be a real problem in most of the countries on the globe. As long as you keep it to yourself (just like eating your favorite cookie on a Friday evening, or like chewing gum when driving your car), you should be fine.
  4. The false idea that smoking is a man's job is still widespread. If you're an independent woman and you're a smoker, you may get in the situation when you need to assert yourself in front of the others in order to be able to enjoy your Vogue cigarettes or your Gauloises Reds.
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